The Train Gets Rolling: Our Katy Days Experience 2018

NewtonBrothers Pottery’s Katy Days debut was a success! We enjoyed ourselves, met some nice people, and learned lots.


This was our seventh year doing pottery at Katy Days but our first time under the banner of NewtonBrothers Pottery. For the six previous years, Caleb and I did a pottery demo in the Katy Day’s children’s tent. This year we were in the Heritage Crafters tent along with a marble maker, a blacksmith, and a luthier who makes mountain dulcimers, as well as others. We enjoyed interacting with the other craftspeople.


We also met two fellow ceramic artists, Jaxon Keimig and Bev Anderson. Potters are often the friendliest, down-to-earth people you’ll meet and they were happy to talk with us and share some of the things they’ve learned over the years. Jaxon’s business is Glazing Grace Stoneware and we enjoyed hearing how he got started with pottery and seeing some of the work he had for sale (you can read more about his business here). The other artist, Bev Anderson, is from Parsons and had a company called Brickworks for many years. She specialized in architectural tile and dug and processed clay from here in Southeast Kansas. We’ve already taken some of the things we learned from them and applied them in our studio.


Another favorite part of our time at Katy Days was helping children make their own ornaments. We had a table set up where we rolled out a slab of clay, cut out oval ornaments, and allowed children to decorate them. It’s always a joy to see the natural creativity and ingenuity children demonstrate in artwork. We brought some of their creations home to our studio, fired them, and stained them with iron oxide. You can see their work here.

NewtonBrothers Pottery

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